Facility Operations

Loving Hands Children's Home provides a 24 hour service. Upon waking children are assisted with activities of daily living including hygiene, grooming and environmental care.

Meals and snacks are offered as scheduled and appropriate and mentally stimulating activities are offered. School aged children attend school with safe transportation provided.

Being part of a loving family is one of life’s most precious gifts and life benefits. Our Loving Hands Family provides the stability and support needed to help children go from merely coping and surviving to thriving. The heart of our organization is Love and Care! The community and network of support that we provide for our children is conducive to bright futures for our children and world.   

Loving Hands Children’s Home is devoted to ensuring that children are placed in a safe, stable, loving family environment suited to each child’s individual needs. Skilled staff and service providers grant access to trainings, support groups, coaching, and other resources, while children and youth know there is always someone they can turn to for help and support, or simply to listen.

We build positive and lasting connections with all of our children. We strengthen, encourage, and empowering them through comprehensive services and support.