Our Services

Loving Hand's Children's Home offers living accommodations and care services for displaced children within a safe and secure setting.

Our Home provides a Registered Nurse 24Hrs a day, 7 Days a week, Certified staff & Volunteers and a wide variety of care services and activities. At placement physical, emotional, and mental health assessments are obtained, which focus on identifying chronic concerns and assessing the clients short & long term care needs. We then utilize an array of wrap-around services that assist in promoting measurable improvement in the child's ability to exhibit secure attachment behaviors, achieve optimal social, emotional and cognitive development, and allow for each child to reach their fullest developmental potential.

We strive to maintain client dignity and esteem while providing compassionate client care.

Loving Hands Children's Home provides a 24 hour service. Upon waking children will be assisted with activities of daily living including hygiene, grooming and environmental care.

We pride ourselves on Fun, engaging and mentally stimulating daily activities.Our children and youth go to public schools, play sports, participate in after-school activities, have chores, and hang out with friends – just like other kids their age. We encourage accountability and responsibility through community service and other projects to build confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.

Loving Hands Children's Home is a huge proponent of natural and organic living. We take great pride in our Edible Forest and horticultural activities that supply a tranquil space and safe haven for our children and animal family. We are able to teach our children about healthy choices & lifestyles, improving earth health, healing and the beneficial symbiotic relationships between all life on earth… humans, plants, animals, etc. Through our Loving Hands Community we will continue to positively impact lives, leading by example through teaching, compassion, respect, responsibility and safety.