Every Child Deserves a Chance

Loving Hands Children’s Home supports its founder in offering a loving home, living accommodations and care services for displaced and medically fragile children within the Social Services System.  


Animal Therapy

Improving social, emotional & cognitive functioning include  addition to building self esteem and confidence, all through the love and support of our animal family.


Youth Empowerment Program

Offering youth a safe and reliable means to develop positive & significant relationships while teaching important life skills for successful life outcomes.


Our Edible Forest

Our Edible Forest applies the principles of ecology to provide a sustainable system offering food, fun, and healthy goodness. It inspires adventure and innovation as we enlighten our youth, teaching organic sustainability and Earth Health.


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Loving Hands Children’s Home envisions a world where every child feels cherished, supported, and empowered to thrive. Rooted in love and compassion, we are devoted to nurturing the holistic development of vulnerable children in our community. With over three decades of combined experience in healthcare, education, mentoring, and business, our dedicated team is unwavering in our commitment to providing tender nursing and childcare services, infused with empathy and love. Through personalized mentorship and steadfast guidance, we aspire to cultivate a future brimming with hope, opportunity, and limitless possibilities for every child we serve.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain a reputation of honor and integrity while providing a world of compassion and excellence in growth, education, health and child care, with something positive to look forward to in each and every day.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to promote dignity and the highest esteem in our clients while providing safe and compassionate continuity of care. Our home and care providers devote themselves to providing consistent, ethical and quality service. We take pride in knowing that our services exceed industry standards and reflect our benevolence and pride.

Life On The Urban Farm

Our aim is to introduce children to “The Farm” and common animals found on the farm in addition to fruits and vegetables that contribute to healthy nutrition.

Farm visits are essential in teaching the story and benefits of healthy food. The farm serves as an extension of the classroom, which acquaints the children with common farm animals, horticulture/ permaculture and their contributions to earth & human health and healthy eating.  


Edible Forest

Our edible forest applies the principles of ecology to mimic a forest ecosystem that provides a sustainable system offering food, fun, treats and delicious healthy goodness.


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"Amazing young lady & organization with a great vision! Keep up the good work!" ~ W. Watters

"The Youth Empowerment Program teaches lessons that young adults need for life. Definitely appreciated!" ~ H. Smith

"I Love the activities and education provided for teens. We learn a lot and have a great time." ~ B. Louis

"This is SO needed! God bless you all! I hope this program is encouragement for others to follow suit!" ~ S. VanTobel

"I am now a young adult who took advantage of the Loving Hands Youth Empowerment Series. As someone who grew up in foster care, I had not previously been taught the importance of Credit or a Savings Account, How to complete a job application/ college application, and I am ashamed to say that I could not successfully do laundry without damaging my clothing and could not prepare a healthy meal! These are life skills that all youth need and I was able to acquire with Loving Hands Children’s Home. I sincerely Thank You. This program series is an asset to youth."

~ D. Thompson

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