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Thanks to the support and generosity of our wonderful community members, Loving Hands Children’s Home has been successful in acquiring a state-of-the-art home facility for which to expand our services providing care, comfort and a place to call home for our children. This will make a great difference in the lives of needy children for years to come and grant us the capacity to assist more children who find themselves in need of a loving home. We operate primarily on the contributions, donations and volunteer support from our caring community in addition to government funding. We extend our deepest gratitude for your assistance in making a difference in the lives of children. We could not have made this happen or continue in providing outstanding client care without your support.

Projects Underway

Building a new Therapeutic Recreation Space

We are diligently working at erecting our new Loving Hands Therapeutic Recreational Space, that will serve our LHCH clients as well as other community members. LHCH plans to offer an exciting and therapeutic space specifically designed to facilitate successful social, emotional, physical, behavioral and cognitive development for young children and families. We plan to utilize education and recreation strategies such as nature walks, outdoor learning spaces,  vegetable and flower gardens, a sensory playground, etc. to provide wonderful experiences, and also accommodate a variety of learning styles (hands-on, peer-to-peer, etc.). Our 1-acre space boasts incredible foothill, mountain and west valley views and is a charming space that offers tranquil and aesthetic opportunities and accommodations for therapeutic session spaces for professionals/ clients, space for the celebration of birthdays, etc, a sensory playground specially designed for disabled and medically fragile children, family-friendly hiking exploration and an Educational Edible Forest that will lend itself to teaching our youth about healthy food options, natural, organic and clean eating, sustainability and help to build a foundation for a better life and health choices. Please consider volunteering or donating to complete the Therapeutic Recreational Space.

ReBuilding our Animal Living Quarters and Sanctuary Area

We are rebuilding our animal living quarters and sanctuary area. We have rescued many amazing animals that have grown to share their love and unconditional support with our Loving Hands Family and the children that we serve. They help to teach our children how to alleviate stress and repair trauma, promote relaxation, reduce aggression, relieve agitation and anxiety, encourage movement, socialization, verbalization and trust.  We are excited to build out our Animal Sanctuary space. We love sharing the story of one child, in particular, that would come out and read books to our Therapy Pig (Ms. Minniehaha). This little guy was afraid, insecure, and felt judged reading aloud with peers, but was able to relax and sit with Ms. Minnie and read with her for hours. He was able to foster a love of reading, build confidence and trust.  These magnificent animals really do wonders to help our children heal. We can’t wait to complete a space dedicated to this kind of magic.

Restoration of our Edible Forest

We enlighten and empower youth by teaching our future leaders and community children the importance of healthier and natural food options, as well as how to live sustainably via urban agriculture without exhausting our resources. We strive to reach gardeners and would-be gardeners of all ages to work and connect alongside our organization. Volunteer Today! 

We plan on creating a  gray water system set up for our Edible Forest. We are always looking for innovative solutions to recycle and use fewer resources. Plants and flora need water to grow and flourish. Gray water systems are a wonderful way to make use of recycled water while helping our Edible Forest thrive. When we plant and expand our Edible Forest this is definitely one of the features that we’d like to utilize in becoming a more efficient and self-sustaining facility.

In contributing to our cause, know that you are doing something INCREDIBLE! In supporting our work you’ll be a beacon of hope for children facing trauma and uncertainty. Loving Hands Children’s Home has a wonderfully supportive community. Your gifts and generosity help to ensure that the complex care and resources required to meet our children’s needs are available.

As the old adage states, “It takes a village!”… Together we can ensure that life-changing care,  a loving and serene home setting, and therapeutic resources are available for every child that we serve.

Be the positive change for a child in need. Help us to build out our new space. DONATE TODAY!

Please Help Us in Accomplishing Our Goals and Building Out Our Therapeutic Space!

Mentor Program / Youth Empowerment

Insider Scoop – Quarterly Newsletter

"Amazing young lady & organization with a great vision! Keep up the good work!" ~ W. Watters

"The Youth Empowerment Program teaches lessons that young adults need for life. Definitely appreciated!" ~ H. Smith

"I Love the activities and education provided for teens. We learn a lot and have a great time." ~ B. Louis

"This is SO needed! God bless you all! I hope this program is encouragement for others to follow suit!" ~ S. VanTobel

"I am now a young adult who took advantage of the Loving Hands Youth Empowerment Series. As someone who grew up in foster care, I had not previously been taught the importance of Credit or a Savings Account, How to complete a job application/ college application, and I am ashamed to say that I could not successfully do laundry without damaging my clothing and could not prepare a healthy meal! These are life skills that all youth need and I was able to acquire with Loving Hands Children’s Home. I sincerely Thank You. This program series is an asset to youth."

~ D. Thompson

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