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About Loving Hands Children’s Home

Loving Hands Children’s Home has a profound impact on the lives of displaced children.

As a Registered Nurse, Janiese Finney grew weary of observing the continuous cycle that resulted from the lack of consistent care that is faced by foster children in Los Angeles, California. Children often remained in the hospital for extended periods after receiving care -waiting to be placed in homes that were unable to attend to their sensitive physical, social, and mental health needs. Those that were placed often returned to the hospital in need of repeat care. The children’s lack of continuity of care stunted their progress. Furthermore, the constant instability had a greater impact on their ability to transition into stable environments impacting all aspects of their development.

In response, Loving Hands Children’s Home was launched: an innovative, collaborative approach to our mission: to promote dignity and the highest esteem in our clients while providing safe and compassionate care.

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At Loving Hands Children’s Home, our commitment to compassion and care is a foundational aspect of the mission and vision of Loving Hands. Beyond providing physical shelter, we embrace each child with nurturing support, creating a haven of love and understanding. Together with our Founder and Executive Director, we foster an environment where every child feels valued, cherished, and empowered to thrive. Within the warm embrace of our home setting, our caregivers deliver a holistic approach to care, ensuring every aspect of a child’s well-being is nurtured and supported. From physical health to emotional resilience, we offer a wide variety of care services and engaging activities, crafting a sanctuary where every child feels valued, cherished, and empowered to thrive. We target not only areas of physical health, but promote emotional wellness, mental  health,  spiritual healing, intellectual & social wellbeing and environment health as well. We strive to maintain client dignity and esteem while providing compassionate client care.

Our children and youth attend public schools, play sports, participate in after school activities, have chores, and hang out with friends – just like other children their age. We encourage accountability and responsibility through community service and other projects to build confidence, self esteem and leadership skills.

Loving Hands Children’s Home has a profound impact on the city – and country.

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We promote accountability and esteem as we seek opportunities to improve our communities and world. We encourage various enrichment activities in order to create a more well-rounded individual. Intellectual curiosity and stimulation are championed. We contribute to countless children’s lives providing a loving, nurturing atmosphere as well as fostering education, responsibility and support.

Loving hands has evolved into an organization that is fully equipped to meet the needs of the foster children in Los Angeles County. In collaboration with DCFS, MAT Assessors, Regional Center, The Department of Mental Health, etc., The planned system for assessment allows for continuity of care, by gathering all information related to the child’s emotional wellness, mental  health,  spiritual health, intellectual & social wellbeing  as well.  In addition, development of our wrap around programs and activities such as animal therapy and mindfulnessfoster emotional, physical , mental health and well being. Our programs enhance and promote the progression of youth. Our Edible Forest combats global issues while enlightening and empowering our children. It applies the principles of ecology to mimic a forest ecosystem that provides a sustainable system offering food, fun, treats and delicious healthy goodness. Our edible forest offers practicality and teaches us how to live interdependently without exhausting our resources. Loving Hands Children’s Home insures thorough care within a loving family oriented environment.




Meet Our Loving Hands Leaders



Janiese Finney, BSN RN PHN
Founder / CEO


In 2014, the idea for Loving Hands Children’s Home was born from the heart of Janiese L. Finney whose combined life experience yielded 20+ years of health care experience, in addition to excellence in teaching, service, mentoring, and business. providing care and assistance via Providence Saint John’s Health Center, Century City Doctor’s Hospital, Valley Presbyterian Hospital and Children’s Hospital LA, just to name a few establishments that precipitated my education and experience.


As CEO/ Executive Director, Janiese Finney develops high quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with the organization short-term and long-term objectives. She recruits consultants and advisory specialist to align organization ambitions with success. Janiese leads and motivates the managerial team to advance engagement, performance and organization advancement. Janiese oversees all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the organizations overall strategy and mission. Janiese is responsible for making high-quality investing decisions to advance the business and increase funding. She Enforces adherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies to maintain the company’s legality and business ethics and also review financial and non-financial reports to devise solutions or improvements. One key component of Janiese’s tasks include building trust relations with key partners, contributors & supporters and acting as a point of contact for important investors. Janiese Finney maintains a deep knowledge of the market and industry of the company and provides solutions to ensure company survival and growth.



Helen Finney
Retired Personal Lines Underwriting Manager
Insurance Agency


Helen Finney has a passionate and philanthropic spirit. Helen collaborates to create, communicate, and implement the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction in addition to evaluating the success of the organization. Helen prepares effective budgets and associated financial reports. She engages in leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders including senior vice presidents, vice presidents and directors. She engages in formulating and implementing the strategic plan that guides the direction of the business. She oversees the complete operation of the organization in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans. Helen maintains awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, markets, new industry developments and standards.




Darlene Taylor, RCP
Secretary/ Treasurer
Lead – Respiratory Care Practitioner
Valley Presbyterian Hospital


Darlene Taylor exhibits a great expression of empathy, always responding compassionately to shared experiences and endeavors. Darlene serves to provide independent advice and counsel to the Founder/CEO/management team. She remains abreast of local, legal and certification requirements by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating future legislation; and enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions.


As the Secretary/ Treasurer, Darlene gives notice of all meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, shall keep an accurate list of the directors, and shall have the authority to certify any records, or copies of records, as the official records of the organization. The Secretary shall maintain the minutes of the Board of Directors’ meetings and all committee meetings. As the custodian of the organization’s records, the secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate documentation and meeting any legal requirements such as annual filing deadlines. The secretary is responsible for reviewing and updating documents as necessary and ensuring all documents are safely stored and readily accessible. Handles funds with high standards and sets a tone of integrity.




Rosie Taylor
Officer/ Advisor
DCFS Ambassador – Foster Care Specialist


Rosie Taylor has compassionate and generous heart. Rosie is a specialist in the field of state and county foster care regulations and guidelines, she serves to provide independent advice and counsel to the Board/CEO/Management team. Rosie is diligent in her efforts to remain abreast of necessary requirements, compulsory obligations and changes to regulation. Rosie is continuously looking at new ways to improve our foster recruitment activities, funding opportunities and outreach.

Rosie runs a wonderful organization called “The Blind Smile” which helps us to celebrate our clients during special times. The aim is to celebrate the less fortunate while enriching the quality of their lives and creating meaningful memories, reminding our clients and the world that they are loved, appreciated and supported within their community!




Karina Markaryan
Officer/ Advisor – Banking / Finance
US Bank 


Karina Markaryan is a beautiful and passionate spirit who radiates a bright light into any room that she enters. She leaves a legacy of kindness in her wake. Karina has proven to be compassionate, kind, helpful and resourceful at every opportunity. Karina is a champion for those in need of love and care and never turns a blind eye to children in need. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and life experience that benefit the children served by Loving Hands Children’s Home. She is an avid philanthropist and supporter of children and is respected as a credible voice in decision making, fundraising, finding strategic financing partners & resources. Karina is a born leader, with the ability to command a room and inspire a team! She shows a genuine concern for the wellbeing of those around her and all living beings, Always loving, generous and kind. Karina has a multitude of talents that are highly respected within her field of banking, finance and beyond. She aids Loving Hands in catapulting its goals far past a level that any of us imagined possible and helping us to propel to the forefront of our industry, while changing lives.



Christopher J. Moody
Financial Advisor – Banking / Finance
US Bank


Christopher Moody is passionate about philanthropy & support of his community. He has proven to be a diligent supporter and advocate of at- risk youth & children in need. Christopher possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience and is always eager to engage, promote and advance the Loving Hands Children’s Home’s Vision & Mission. Christopher is kind, adored by his community members and is grounded in financial information that levers business development. He is respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic financing partners & resources. He also assist Loving Hands Children’s Home in enabling innovation for LHCH to meet and surpass set goals.



Krysta Pelayo
Officer/ Advisor – Child Development Specialist
Los Angeles County  

Krysta Pelayo is a wonderfully compassionate and skilled Therapist in the arena of child development. Krysta has partnered with Loving Hands Children’s Home to provide treatment and promote progress and positive life outcomes for many of the clients that we serve.  Krysta has proven to meet and surpass client needs with professionalism and loving care.  Krysta is a born leader and advocate for children’s rights and developmental needs. She posses a wealth of knowledge and life experience that greatly benefit the children served within our community. Krysta is an avid supporter of children and  has the proven ability to elicit trust and bond with clients in her care. Her most endearing qualities include her empathy and understanding, as well as her fun, creative and delightful essence… full of surprises, yet professional! Krysta is Artistic, highly intelligent and has a multitude of talents that are highly coveted and respected in her field and beyond.  Krysta is a champion for those in need of love and care and has never turned a blind eye to any life in need. Krysta assists Loving Hands Children’s Home in catapulting its goals far past a level that any of us imagined possible, helping us to foster positive life outcomes and propel our organization to the forefront of our industry.


"Amazing young lady & organization with a great vision! Keep up the good work!" ~ W. Watters

"The Youth Empowerment Program teaches lessons that young adults need for life. Definitely appreciated!" ~ H. Smith

"I Love the activities and education provided for teens. We learn a lot and have a great time." ~ B. Louis

"This is SO needed! God bless you all! I hope this program is encouragement for others to follow suit!" ~ S. VanTobel

"I am now a young adult who took advantage of the Loving Hands Youth Empowerment Series. As someone who grew up in foster care, I had not previously been taught the importance of Credit or a Savings Account, How to complete a job application/ college application, and I am ashamed to say that I could not successfully do laundry without damaging my clothing and could not prepare a healthy meal! These are life skills that all youth need and I was able to acquire with Loving Hands Children’s Home. I sincerely Thank You. This program series is an asset to youth."

~ D. Thompson

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