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Loving Hands Children’s Home embraces and uplifts our founder, a compassionate Registered Nurse, who tirelessly delivers 24-hour care and unwavering support to our cherished children. With love as our guiding principle, we honor her dedication and extend her nurturing spirit throughout our organization, ensuring every child receives the warmth, care, and attention they deserve. Upon waking children are assisted with activities of daily living including hygiene, grooming and environmental care. Skilled Nursing Care is provided around the clock and various therapies made available in effort to improve healthcare outcomes and maintenance.

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Meals and snacks are offered as scheduled and appropriate and mentally stimulating activities are offered. School aged children attend school with safe transportation provided.

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Being part of a loving family is one of life’s most precious gifts and life benefits. Our Loving Hands Family provides the stability and support needed to help children go from merely coping and surviving to thriving. The heart of our organization is Love and Care! The community and network of support that we provide for our children is conducive to bright futures for our children and world.   

Loving Hands Children’s Home is passionately dedicated to the sacred mission of ensuring that every child finds solace, security, and unconditional love within our safe, stable and loving family environment tailored to their unique needs. Driven by empathy and commitment, we strive to assure a nurturing home where children flourish, thrive, and discover their fullest potential, surrounded by warmth, support, and unwavering care.

We build positive and lasting connections with all of our children. We strengthen, encourage, and empowering them through comprehensive services and support.

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"Amazing young lady & organization with a great vision! Keep up the good work!" ~ W. Watters

"The Youth Empowerment Program teaches lessons that young adults need for life. Definitely appreciated!" ~ H. Smith

"I Love the activities and education provided for teens. We learn a lot and have a great time." ~ B. Louis

"This is SO needed! God bless you all! I hope this program is encouragement for others to follow suit!" ~ S. VanTobel

"I am now a young adult who took advantage of the Loving Hands Youth Empowerment Series. As someone who grew up in foster care, I had not previously been taught the importance of Credit or a Savings Account, How to complete a job application/ college application, and I am ashamed to say that I could not successfully do laundry without damaging my clothing and could not prepare a healthy meal! These are life skills that all youth need and I was able to acquire with Loving Hands Children’s Home. I sincerely Thank You. This program series is an asset to youth."

~ D. Thompson

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