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Mentor Support / Volunteer Program

Loving Hands Children’s Home provides an orientation/ training overview and resources to mentors and volunteers to help them make the most out of their experience, including:

  • Orientation in the area of the volunteer focus. (Edible Forest, Therapy Animals, Facility Development – Construction, Client Support
  • Activity ideas focused on building positive relationships, trust, confidence, fun & education success, etc.
  • Ongoing check ins and support in effort to foster positive relationships & life outcomes.  

Our Volunteer projects are in progress! We are still awaiting permit approval on a few. Upon approval we will continue to activate future volunteer groups in phases. The next volunteer cycle is slated to begin in November/December. 

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About The Mentor

Loving Hands Mentors are productive community members & professionals who volunteer their time and talents in effort to get a young people engaged in positive relationships and excited about new learning experiences and activities.

Loving Hands mentorships take place year round and functions to serve Los Angeles County residents.

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Mentee Participation

Mentoring can help youth as they go through challenging life transitions, including dealing with stressful changes at home or transitioning to adulthood. Close, healthy, supportive relationships between mentors and mentees that last for a significant portion of time (i.e., more than one year) are central to success.

When youth are able to share regular positive interactions with trusted adults, there is a significant decrease in the likelihood of drug and/or alcohol abuse, crime and under age pregnancy. Children who are fortunate to have the guidance of a positive role model experience improved academic performance, higher self confidence and better decision making abilities. They are also more likely to attend and complete a college degree program.

The benefits of Youth Mentor programs offer, not only potential educational and behavioral benefits but also socio-emotional development and improvements in the area of perception.

We invite your youth to engage in positive and supportive mentor relationships, and fun & stimulating activities, while building trust and an affinity for constructive relationships. Contact us for more info.

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Become a Loving Hands Mentor or Volunteer!

Loving Hands Children’s Home is currently seeking mentors and volunteers  to assist in providing memorable life experiences,  stable and caring bonds for at-risk children. Our children need your support!!!! Our futures demand it.

Our mentors  and volunteers are a vital part of Loving Hands Children’s Home success. They assist us in fulfilling our mission to inspire youth and create positive  life outcomes and worthwhile relationships while promoting dignity and esteem, with something positive to look forward to in each and every interaction. We strive to offer a safe and reliable means to develop positive and significant relationships with caring and dedicated community members. As a part of our Loving Hands Family, our members provide our youth with support, friendship, encourage independence and assist in promoting confidence, trust and an affinity toward positive relationships and life skills in effort to promote positive life outcomes.

If you believe in the power and potential of our youth and are interested in sharing your own experience to inspire kids, volunteer with Loving Hands Children’s Home!

Be the change that you desire for our world and future… Be a mentor to children in need of a loving hand. There are many opportunities to volunteer! (Help us to expand our Edible Forest, Work with our Therapy Animal Family, Help with our Youth Empowerment Events, Help us within our Therapeutic Recreation Space, etc.)


  • There are 2 applications to be completed.
  • The Mentor/Volunteer application should be completed and emailed back to us.
  • The Livescan application should accompany you to the Livescan testing site.
  • Once your Livescan process is complete, the Department of Justice will send your result and determination directly to the Loving Hands Children’s Home organization. Upon receiving your determination, we will contact you for a conversation with regard to your area interest and availability.
  • We are extremely honored and grateful for your consideration. We look forward to collaborating and working together to aid community children.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Volunteering connects you with other positive & like minded people. It grants you the opportunity to impact your community, connect with community members and work together to make the community a better place. It allows you the opportunityIncrease social and relationship skills.
  • Volunteering helps counteract the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety. Helping others, creating meaningful connections and working toward a positive common goal can have  profound effects on your overall psychological well-being. Working out in nature (Edible Forest) and with animals has shown to improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety. Volunteering can also combat depression and increase self-confidence.
  • Volunteering can help to advance your career. It help you to acquire experience and grant you the opportunity to practice important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, project planning and task management.
  • Volunteering feels GOOD! It brings fun and fulfillment to your life. It can provide you with renewed creativity, motivation, vision and energize your life.

Get the most out of Volunteering

You’re donating your valuable time, so it’s important that you enjoy and benefit from your volunteering. To make sure that your volunteer position is a good fit:

  • Ask questions. You want to make sure that the experience is right for your skills, your goals, and the time you want to spend. 
  • Make sure you know what’s expected. You should be comfortable with the organization and understand the time commitment. Know what the organization expects of you and make sure that you share what you expect from the organization. Consider starting small so that you don’t over commit yourself at first. Give yourself some flexibility.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a change. Don’t force yourself into a bad fit or feel compelled to stick with a volunteer role you dislike. Talk to the organization about changing your focus for a better fit.
  • Choose carefully. 
  • Enjoy yourself. The best volunteer experiences benefit both the volunteer and the organization.

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Mentor Application

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Celebrating and Promoting Talented Youth

Help us to celebrate and encourage the talents of passionately gifted youth!

The nurturing of talent and education is vital to providing academically and artistically aligned opportunities for gifted youth. We are providing opportunities for youth to learn, perform and engage in experiences that will enrich their lives through artistic expression to meet their social and emotional needs, and to keep them engaged and achieving their goals. Music and creative expression help to release or control emotions and also aids in coping with difficult situations such as peer pressure, substance abuse, pressures of study and family, the dynamics of friendships and social life, and the pain of loss or abuse.

We are closing gaps to ensure passionate youth the opportunity to develop and hone their skills, giving youth the tools they need to realize their potential. We aim to motivate talented youth to share their artistic expressions while learning the character values of creativity, leadership, perseverance, resilience, and teamwork through creative arts.



Check Out These Talented Artists and Support Their Artistry:

Ryan Blu Finney Logo


Loving Hands Children’s Home is promoting and recognizing Ryan Finney aka RyanBluFinney as the creator and source of this series of sound recordings.


Visit Ryan’s Page

If you consider yourself a talented artist, we would love to share your digital artistry.

Contact us at:

"Amazing young lady & organization with a great vision! Keep up the good work!" ~ W. Watters

"The Youth Empowerment Program teaches lessons that young adults need for life. Definitely appreciated!" ~ H. Smith

"I Love the activities and education provided for teens. We learn a lot and have a great time." ~ B. Louis

"This is SO needed! God bless you all! I hope this program is encouragement for others to follow suit!" ~ S. VanTobel

"I am now a young adult who took advantage of the Loving Hands Youth Empowerment Series. As someone who grew up in foster care, I had not previously been taught the importance of Credit or a Savings Account, How to complete a job application/ college application, and I am ashamed to say that I could not successfully do laundry without damaging my clothing and could not prepare a healthy meal! These are life skills that all youth need and I was able to acquire with Loving Hands Children’s Home. I sincerely Thank You. This program series is an asset to youth."

~ D. Thompson

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